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The adiplayer team is an exclusive community of top-level players and coaches who qualify to receive premium adidas product at a discounted price. Players qualify based on USTA National Rankings,, and UTR rating criteria. Fromuth powers the adiplayer brand through marketing, website technology and product distribution.

Fromuth Tennis is the Exclusive Distributor of Nike Footwear and Apparel to the USPTA . As part of this relationship, Fromuth participates in the USPTA's Retirement Gold+ Program, contributing a small percentage to participating professionals' Retirement Gold+ accounts. Since 2006, we provide USPTA members a discount off retail prices of Nike goods when purchasing through Fromuth.

Fromuth partners with adidas to provide PTR members preferred pricing on adidas products including tennis apparel, fitness apparel, tennis shoes, and accessories. We power the PTR brand through marketing, website technology and product distribution.

Fromuth Tennis is the Official Distributor of Nike Footwear and Nike Apparel to Tennis Pro Shops.

USTA Shop , the Official Online Shop for the United States Tennis Association and US Open , is powered by Fromuth. We deliver website technology and online product distribution for the USTA's prestigous event.

With 100 tennis courts spread across 64 acres, USTA National Campus offers unparalleled playing, training and educational experiences. This state-of-the-art facility features a 2,800 sq. ft. Pro Shop stocked with products from adidas, Nike, Wilson, HEAD, Babolat and more. Fromuth leads all operations at the Pro Shop , including staffing, purchasing and stringing services.

Racquet Bar
at USTA National Campus

Racquet Bar , located in the Welcome Center at USTA National Campus , is a full-service racquet stringing and customization headquarters.

From deciding on the right string and tension, to the weight and balance of your racquets, our tournament-caliber team makes each stringing a truly customized experience. Our goal is to elevate your game while enhancing the understanding and appreciation of your equipment.

Fromuth leads all operations at Racquet Bar including staffing and marketing. Feel free to browse our Racquet Bar and what it has to offer.