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Dunlop Juice 16g 
Manufacturer Part# T624612
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This premium polyester string delivers the ultimate combination of power and spin. The pentagonal profile helps to grip the ball to impart extra spin and the high tensile polyester material give electrifying power.
  • Web Description: Dunlop Juice 16g
  • Color(s): Yellow
  • Composition: Monofilament Premium Polyester
  • Gauge: 16g/(1.31mm)
  • Length: 40'
  • Type: Polyester
  • Misc.: Pentagonal
  • Sport: Tennis

The Bottom Line: Dunlop has developed a polyester string that offers players an often-sought-after combination of spin and power. Juice has a composition of high tensile polyester to add more power on the ball, and a pentagonal profile for added spin to help keep shots in check. The combination of spin and power is something that players who need a little extra "juice" on their ball, but do not want to sacrifice any spin potential, will often times seek out. Additionally, Juice is said to have comfort and durability in its corner to present itself as a premium polyester string for true players at heart.

During the playtest, Juice certainly delivered with plenty of…well, juice. Out of the two main features this string offers, power is certainly the most predominant. From the ground, if I was any bit late on the ball, I regretted it with my shot sailing over the baseline. When I made contact dead on in the sweet spot, I was able to really get in a groove as long as it stayed there. From the net, I felt as though the string was a little too jumpy for me, but really excelled when I wanted to capitalize on a floater. I felt like the pentagonal shape did add some extra spin, but if there were just a few more sides, it would compensate better with the amount of power Juice offered. This is a very comfortable string, especially for a polyester, but not the most forgiving outside of the sweet spot. My serves had a lot of good spin and control on them, but I did not get that pop feeling when I tried to flatten them out. Overall, this string offers a lot of power with a side of spin and is great for players that need the extra power but want to maintain durability and comfort.

From the ground: Juice offered me a lot of power on my groundstrokes, which hurt when my timing was even just a little bit off, but helped when I was stretched out wide. The pentagonal structure of the string certainly helped add extra spin on my shots, but it was not a dominant factor in my game. When the pace of my points became more heated and faster-paced, I would occasionally come around late on the ball; which often resulted in my shots going deeper than anticipated. Although the string was comfortable, I did not get that pop feeling on the ball, rather a softer, more powerful feeling.

Out of the air: When floaters or lobs came my way, Juice helped add the exclamation point on my shots. When I wanted to go for more finesse, Juice still offered more power. I had a great time finishing points off and playing big at the net, which translated into a big style of play from the ground, too.

Sweet spot: The sweet spot was not very forgiving, but it also was not too harsh. I felt as though I would get a major lack of feel on the ball when going off-center, but my arm did not feel too many effects of the off-center shots. I would often go from one extreme to the other with Juice: when late, the ball flew, and when off-center, the ball dropped short.

Serves and Returns: My serves had great spin on them, and I was able to hit very heavy and consistent on first and second serves. When I tried to flatten the ball out, I did not get much of a pop feeling, but a softer more explosive feeling. The pentagonal shape certainly helped with my kick and slice serves, and it put a lot of extra action to help set up some points.

At times, my returns were jumpy when I decided to swing away. If I missed the center, I could not hit much pass the service line. However, when I wanted to block the ball back, I had great success keeping the ball low and effective.

*Dave Emkey, NTRP Rating 5.0

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