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Dunlop Explosive Tour 16g

Dunlop Explosive Tour 16g

Manufacturer Part# 10308263
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Featuring new packaging and a few minor improvements, Dunlop Explosive Tour makes the previous version even better. By adjusting the copolymer composition, this new version offers more power with improved tension maintenance. Explosive is a highly resilient polyester based string, offering a suprising amount of power while maintaining control. As with most polyesters, compared to softer strings, this one will result in a reduced sweetspot size, which is why Dunlop recommends stringing Explosive 10% below normal tension. The new Explosive will be a hit with players seeking the durability of a polyester string, while maintaining a high amount of power.

  • Product Name:  Dunlop Explosive Tour 16g
  • Manufacturer #:  10308263
  • Colors:  Silver
  • Gauge:  16g/(1.30mm)
  • Length:  40'
  • Type:  Polyester
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