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Pat & Jim 2018

Our Story
A passionate company with unique history

Led by CEO Pat Shields, we are a tennis wholesale distributor based in West Lawn, Pennsylvania.

We first opened our doors nearly 50 years ago. Back then we were called Fromuth Fine Arts because that's what we sold - art and custom framing. The Fromuth Family liked and played the game of tennis, so they bought a stringing machine and had a few tennis frames to sell in the shop. In the late 1970s, tennis began to be televised and business took a different direction. Fromuth Racquet Sports was born. As the tennis industry grew, so did our selection of racquets, strings and grips. We began helping small pro shops get the product they needed to boost their own business.

Our original store was made up of four row homes in the small suburban neighborhood of West Reading, PA. Today, you could fit fifteen row homes in our 25,000 sq. ft. warehouse. On a busy day in August, UPS trucks are lined up outside waiting to load more than 800 packages.

Although bigger, we are still a family-owned operation with more than 70 employees who share a passionate drive for tennis and helping our customers.

Our most experienced customer service staff

Our passion is Customer Service

With an outstanding reputation for customer service, we pride ourselves on our process to ship same-day and our attention to accurate orders.

Our passion shows in our dedication

We also put a lot of time into educating our staff so we can help you be the best at your business. We're just a dedicated group of people who are focused on the game of tennis!

Fromuth Racquet Sports Retail Store USTA National Campus Retail Store

Our passion is Customer Service

Wholesale distribution is the largest portion of our business - our "roots." But as markets and consumer habits change, our company must evolve. We've made the leap into retail endeavors to help us continue our mission to grow the game.

Pictured is our retail store (top) in West Lawn and the USTA National Campus Pro Shop (bottom) in Orlando, Florida.

The Fromuth retail store, adjacent to our warehouse in West Lawn, is a one-stop shop for local tennis players and athletes alike. In addition to tennis, we carry a full line of running and fitness footwear and apparel, as well as gifts, watches, sunglasses and novelties.

We provide staffing, merchandising and operations at the USTA National Campus Pro Shop. This 2,800 sq. ft. store in the Welcome Center of USTA National Campus features the newest product releases from top tennis brands such as adidas, Babolat, HEAD and Wilson, as well as unique National Campus memorabilia.

Click here to learn more about the USTA National Campus Pro Shop.