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KT Tape 
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  • Web Description: KT Tape
  • Color(s): Black, Blue, Pink, Beige, Red, Lime Green, Purple
  • Units in Pack: 20 Precut solid 10" Strips
  • Construction: Matrix Mesh
  • Length: 10"
  • Fabric/Material: Reinforced 100% Cotton Sheathes
  • Misc: Last 1-3 Days
  • Sport: Tennis, Fitness, Running
KT TAPE is an abbreviation for Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape. It is a strong, elastic athletic tape that reduces muscle pain, increases mobility, and enhances athletic performance. KT TAPE is pre-cut so that it is fast and easy to apply. Just tear off a strip and apply it to the injured area. KT TAPE provides relief and support for muscles and joints and can be used to prevent or treat hundreds of sports injuries including Achilles Tendonitis, Tennis Elbow, Shoulder Pain, Ankle Sprain, Runner's Knee, Shin Splints, IT Band Pain, Back Pain, and Neck Pain. KT TAPE can be worn in the pool or shower without coming off.
KT Tape is made up of reinforced 100% cotton sheathes designed to provide durability and increased strength. These cotton sheathes are embedded into weft yarn to provide uni-directional elasticity- allowing the tape to stretch in length but preventing the tape from stretching in width. These fibers ensure KT Tape will provide stable support without restricting motion.
The box includes 20 precut strips attached together in a 16' roll. The precut strips are ready to apply out of the box- NO CUTTING REQUIRED. There is enough tape for approx. 10-20 applications per roll that generally lasts approx. 40-60 days based on usage. Also included is a step-by-step instruction on how to apply the tape.

As I was playing tennis with the kids of the City Of Reading Tennis program (one of Fromuth's community involvements) on indoor bubbled Har-Tru courts, I managed to sustain an injury. I was sprinting for a shot and as I went to slide into it, my foot caught something on the court and I went down…giving all of the kids a nice chuckle. I chuckled myself and got up to keep playing thinking that it was no big deal. As the clinic went on and then ended, I thought, "Wow, this is not any better and it actually hurts pretty badly", but I decided to grin and bear it to my car. The next morning, I woke up and immediately began limping around and for some reason the pain came from my calf muscle, which confused me because I did not fall on my calf!

I then went to the gym and talked to a trainer and PT that I know well and they gave me their opinion: it looked like a calf strain. That made sense! Well, at least I knew what the pain was and I planned to ice and heat it all day. I went to work and limped around Fromuth for a good majority of the morning, cancelled court time in the afternoon and thought, "I can't wait for this to feel better". Then, it dawned on me. Why had I not thought of this sooner? I had a box of KT Tape staring at me, and a calf strain that was begging for attention every second. So, I gave it the attention it deserved and opened a box of KT Tape!

I got on the web, found the easy to follow instructions for a calf strain injury and a helping hand, then had the KT Tape applied to my calf. To be very honest, within the first few seconds there was no difference in anything that I felt. However, within the first three minutes, I was walking with no limp and I felt great. The more I moved around, the better it started to feel and the happier I became. I tried to re-book my court time, to no avail, but managed to book some time for the following day. I went to bed that night, and woke up in the morning with the KT Tape in the same exact place as when I fell asleep. Then I showered and got dressed and the KT Tape still had not moved! I was pretty pumped because not only did the tape not move; my calf was not stiff in the morning. I had the same bounce in my step as I did the night before.

The day went on and so did the KT Tape…it never moved! I felt great all day, and I managed to get out on the court in the afternoon. I was on court for about two and a half hours, running shots down all over the place. I could keep full mobility of my leg while playing and actually forgot the tape and calf strain were there. I felt so good when I got home that I decided to take the tape off in the shower to see if it helped improve my strain or if it just masked the pain. After I got out of the shower and walked around, I still had no limp and no more KT Tape!

I can now say that I am a fan of KT Tape. It has worked for me and I will always have some handy. Being a tennis player, I have constant nagging pains in my shoulder, elbow, back and now calf! The times that I used to just pop some anti-inflammatories or try my best to ignore the pain are history. Now I can feel confident using the KT Tape to relieve the pain. It really helps to make the pain go away and it helps in preventing further injury to that area. This tape clearly has benefits over other methods of pain relief.

There are many different injuries that KT Tape can help support and prevent; my calf strain was a lucky and rewarding experiment. There is a big benefit of KT Tape over regular athletic tape that I find to be very cool. As you wear the tape, not only is it helping to support and stabilize the area, it also allows for full range of motion, which results in the muscles continuing to be strengthened. This is extremely important as it promotes quicker healing and injury prevention.

*Dave Emkey, NTRP Rating 5.0


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KT Tape Pro
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1. DAVE EMKEY on 2/14/2011, said:

CONGRATULATIONS to Cedar High School on being picked as the winners for 6 free boxes of KT Tape! Thank you to everyone that has shared their KT Tape Story with Fromuth, and we encourage you to share your stories about all of our other products that you have used or are using! -DE
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2. TENNIS AND MORE, INC. on 2/5/2011, said:

Great product! You do need to apply it according to the instructions, but they are clear and easy to follow. Highly recommend for pain relief and preventive care!
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3. BAMBI DUDLEY on 2/5/2011, said:

Used to help glute pain in right lower back. Kept on for a few days as per my chrisopractor's suggestions. Great! Bambi D.
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4. NIAGARA ACADEMY OF TENNIS on 1/31/2011, said:

The KT tape is simply amazing I never thought this would help you with pain release but after I used it I change my is confortable and works great on any part of the body..I will recomended to any athlete..
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5. PAUL SMITH on 1/29/2011, said:

I am a physical therapist and I came upon this product about 6 months ago by accident. I tried it on myself, then a few of my patients. It worked with over 95% efficacy. I also use it when I hike as a point of prevention to knee and foot pain. More importantly it has changed the lives if my patients from 14-83. I use it on 60% of my patients as a tool to treat and to a point diagnose. Chronic Lateral patellar dislocation Chondromalacia (jumpers knee) Shoulder pain Neck and back pain from strains to herniated disks Acute knee injuries Chronic knee injuries and pain And so very much more. I recently had a patient who had plantar fasciitis on his feet 7 years in duration. I taped him with the PF 2 technique and by the time he stood his pain was gone from a 7/10 to 0/10 pain. So here is how good I think KT TAPE is...... Patient comes in one week ago today. Day prior he was training, stumbles on a trail. Knees goes anteromedial then anterolateral then finally straight to ground smacking his patellar tendon and anterior tib. Pain 10/10 at occurance. Comes in next day 7/10 pain. On crutches wearing patellar brace. He can stand on it. He can't actively extend his left knee and flexion is 85 degrees and spikes pain. Negative McMurry etc etc etc. So I asked if he'd be willing to try it. He did and above is what I used. He could actively extend to zero. AROM to 125 roughly and could stand from sitting zero pain. He walked out zero pain with crutches in one hand, brace in the other. He came back today to be retaped. He said it ached without the tape and his gait somewhat antalgic but no crutches and nit brace. Pain 3/10. Taped him again. Pain zero. He actually started hopping around the clinic lol. You guys have an amazing product that has made a believer of me and my patients, fellow clinicians and just a few folks who ask me about it in passing. Exceptional work KT TAPE!!!!!!!!!!! Athlete Police officer Geriatrics Chronic pain Acute pain Even used it on my own mother with amazing results. The simplicity is that it is made for Joe Public who can go to the store, purchase it, review the directions and place it themselves. This product has changed the lives of not only myself but also my patients.
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6. BAY COUNTRY RACQUET CLUB on 1/29/2011, said:

I was a skeptic, not believing that this product could come close to living up to its miraculous reputation, but it most certainly did. Our indoor tennis facility purchased a few rolls to try it out, and now are looking to buy this product in bulk. Honestly, if you have any sort of nagging injury, try this stuff out, you don't have to play in pain anymore.
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7. JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER on 1/29/2011, said:

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8. Anonymous User on 1/28/2011, said:

used this only twice, but it did make a difference - definitely need to pay attention as to HOW to tape if you want proper support. once we got the angles/lines on the body correct, gave great support. definitely better than ordinary athletic tape
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9. JAMES ROHRBACHER on 1/28/2011, said:

After knee surgery, I decided to run the 10-10-10 Chicago Marathon for charity and I would not have made it without KT Tape! thanks
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10. GAME SET MATCH/// on 1/27/2011, said:

Easy to apply, use for a wide variety of tennis injuries. A must have in your tennis bag. Used for patella issue and shoulder issue seems to be working fine!
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