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Pat and Meg Shields

Pat & Meg Shields, Owners

Who we are

Fromuth Tennis started nearly 50 years ago as an art store offering custom framing in a row home in West Reading, Pennsylvania. In response to the tennis boom of the 1970s, Fromuth started carrying the few items people were looking for the get into the game: racquets, balls, strings, footwear, and yes, those really short shorts. Over time, and as our sport grew, the tennis business overwhelmed the art supply shop. Jim Fromuth, fresh out of college, took the business to the next level by committing to large inventories and distributing to pro shops, clubs, coaches, and retailers.

In 1992, my wife and I were fortunate enough to be able to purchase Fromuth Tennis. The "bones" of the business were all there: great Customer Service Specialist, same-day shipping, a huge inventory, and a culture that was widely recognized as the best in the industry. We immediately recognized that our job was to leave it alone, just market the heck out of it.

Twenty-five years (and a lot of gray hair) later, we are proud to have thrived and survived! We measure success in giving people good jobs, helping our local community, and in growing the game we love. We have strong partnerships with all of the top brands and organizations in the industry, and if you are lucky enough to make tennis your business, we'd love to be your partner too!

Pat Shields


Jim Fromuth Headshot

Jim Fromuth


Eric Brower Headshot

Eric Brower

Operations Manager

Jeff Motze Headshot

Jeff Motze

Operations Manager

Team Members

Adam Purcell Headshot

Adam Purcell

Warehouse Associate

Adrian Flammer Headshot

Adrian Flammer

Embroidery Specialist

Annette Vail Headshot

Annette Vail

Customer Service Specialist

Barb Kochen Headshot

Barb Kochen


Beth Lloyd Headshot

Beth Lloyd

Customer Service Specialist

Billy Hiltebeitel Headshot

Billy Hiltebeitel

Warehouse Associate

Brad Staller Headshot

Brad Staller

Retail Supervisor

Bryan Cruz Headshot

Bryan Cruz

Web Developer

Charlie Koch Headshot

Charlie Koch

Information Technology

Dave Emkey Headshot

Dave Emkey

Business Development

David Richards Headshot

David Richards

Web Development Manager

Don Snyner Headshot

Don Snyder

Warehouse Associate

Emilia Kanavins Headshot

Emilia Kanavins

Retail Associate

Eric Purcel Headshot

Eric Purcell

Embroidery Specialist

Jayne Arms Headshot

Jayne Arms

Customer Service Specialist

Jen Porter Headshot

Jen Porter


Joe Schaeffer Headshot

Joe Schaeffer

Warehouse Associate

Josh Geiger Headshot

Josh Geiger

Retail Associate

Kara Shanaman Headshot

Kara Shanaman


Karen Kauffman Headshot

Karen Kauffman


Kate Martinez Headshot

Kate Martinez


Kathy Fromuth Headshot

Kathy Fromuth

Customer Service Specialist

Kristin Cammarano Headshot

Kristin Cammarano

Customer Service Specialist

Kristy Chlebowski Headshot

Kristy Chlebowski

Embroidery Manager

Mike Brower Headshot

Mike Brower

Warehouse Manager

Nancy Zinn Headshot

Nancy Zinn

Customer Service Specialist

Phill Newman Headshot

Phillipe Newman

Customer Service Specialist

Samantha Pilat Headshot

Samantha Pilat


Tennille Miller Headshot

Tennille Miller

Customer Service Specialist

Todd Benner Headshot

Todd Benner

Customer Service Manager

Tim Poli Headshot

Tim Poli

Apparel Buyer

Wayne Newman Headshot

Wayne Newman

Embroidery Specialist